Pageant Application

Bull City Pageant Application
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  • By signing below I hereby agree to hold harmless Miss bull City Pageant, The Bar, promoters, agents, and employees from any liabilities and/or responsibility whatsoever from association with or arising out of my participation in the pageant and or the title Miss Bull City or The Bar including but not limited to personal injury and/or damages to personal property regardless of whether the loss, injury or damages occurred before during or after the pageant or any related activity. I also hereby release myself from rights to any videos, or photography of the pageant. I understand that I have no rights to any of the recordings that appear in or on or the future sales thereof. I hereby agree that my name and photographs (still or motion) taken of me during the pageant may be used for publication, promotional purposes or any advertising publicity. By my signature below, I affirm and attest that I have read the rules and regulations of the pageant and agree to abide by them.