Bull City Pageant

2nd Annual Bull City Drag Pageant


Open Registration from 4pm-6pm

Showtime 8pm


($25 Entrance Fee)



  1. For Miss Bull City all contestants must be males. Contestants must be 18 years old.
  2. Judging will be on a total point accumulated system. Score sheets will be provided by The Bar. Ties will be broken by the contestant with the higher score in the talent category.
  3. Contestants will be judged in the following categories: Question, Talent, and Evening Gown.
  4. Talent presentation will be limited to seven (7) minutes. Prop setup and teardown will be limited to five (5) minutes total. Talent presentations will be timed at rehearsals. Presentations over seven (7) minutes will have administrative points deducted
  5. Any type of talent presentation is acceptable except those that cause injury to the audience or any other person, No excessive glitter, fire or water may be used in any talent presentation
  6. The use or dispensing of illegal drugs or marijuana will not be tolerated while a contestant is participating in the Official Miss Bull City Pageant. Immediate disqualification will result for those who break this rule.
  7. Any contestant that is not at the appointed place at the appointed time will lose administrative points.
  8. Any contestant, contestant’s dancer(s), helper(s), etc. who is caught in the act of stealing or tampering with another person's property will be disqualified and removed from the location of the Pageant.
  9. The Official Miss BULL CITY Pageant does not discriminate against entertainers with silicone and/or hormones. The use of silicone and/or hormones will not be considered by any judge scoring the contestants.
  10. THE BULL CITY Pageant reserves the right to make any   decision concerning any matter not covered by these Rules and Regulations.


Miss Bull City Category Point Summary

Evening Gown

Suitability for Evening Gown                                        0 to 30 points

Suitability for Hairstyle                                                0 to 20 points

Presentation                                                              0 to 40 points

(Modeling, Technique, Poise, Smile, ETC…)

General                                                                     0 to 60 points

(Make-Up, Shoes, Gown Condition, Accessories)

Total Points                                                         150 points Per Judge

On-Stage Interview

Ability to Communicate                                              0 to 25 points

Answer Content                                                         0 to 25 points

Total Points                                                         150 points Per Judge


Showmanship and Set Design                                       0 to 60 points

Choreography                                                              0 to 80 points

(Physical Coordination and Stage Presence)                              

Quality                                                                        0 to 80 points

(Lip-Sync, Live Vocal, and or Other Entertainment)                   

Value of Presentation of Entertainment                          0 to 80 points

Total Points                                                         300 points Per Judge



Winner: $250 Cash, Sash, Crown, Trophy and Gift Basket

1st Runner Up: $100 Cash, Sash and Trophy

2nd Runner Up: $25 Cash Trophy

Best Evening Gown: Plaque

Best Talent: Plaque

Best Onstage Question: Plaque